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Today’s VUV online Exchange Rate:

1 AUD =   72.4903   VUV

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Currency Information

Currency: Vanuatu Vatu
Currency code: VUV
Currency symbol: VT
Bank notes: 100 VT, 200VT, 500 VT, 1000 VT, 2000 VT, 5000 VT, 10000VT
Coins: 1VT, 2VT, 5VT, 10VT, 20VT, 50VT, 100VT

Daily Cost

Three-course meal for 2, mid-range restaurant 6225 VT
One-way ticket for local transport 150 VT
Bottle of water 89.5 VT

Some tips to be ready!

1. The best time to travel to Vanuatu is between April and October. It is warm and sunny during this season but less humid.

2. Given the islands are compact and easily navigated on foot, hiring a bicycle or jumping on a taxi or bus would be a better and cheaper option to travel around as compared to hiring a car.

3. Tipping and bargaining are not a part of local tradition and culture, be sure to not do that. A smile and “thank you” would do to show your gratitude towards good services.

4. Expect to pay similar prices for food and drink as you would back home in Australia.

5. You will not be able to purchase alcohol on Sundays unless you are eating in a bar or restaurant. Be sure to stock up before Sunday!

6. Make sure to pack light for the tropical weather. Dress casual and comfortable but conservative.

7. Sharks are pretty common in some of the waters. It would be best for you to seek local advice before swimming.