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Currency Information

Currency: Thai Baht
Currency code: THB
Currency symbol: ฿
Bank notes: ฿20, ฿50, ฿100, ฿500, ฿1000

Daily Cost

Three-course meal for 2, mid-range restaurant 650 Baht
One-way ticket for local transport 100 Baht
Bottle of water 10 Baht

Until 1880, the Thai Baht was fixed to the British Pound at a rate of 8 TBH to 1 GBP. This rate changed several times until the Baht was re-pegged to the Japanese Yen at par during World War II. After the war, the currency changed its peg to 20.8 Baht per 1 US Dollar, then to 20 Baht per US Dollar in 1978, and to 25 Baht in 1984.